Far North District Council Information

The Far North District Council came into being on 1st November 1989 as a result of the legislated amalgamation of the Bay of Islands County Council, Hokianga County Council, Whangaroa County Council, Mangonui County Council, Kaikohe Borough Council and the Kaitaia Borough Council. The Council covers the complete far north area which is the northernmost district in New Zealand and shares its southern boundary with Kaipara and Whangarei Districts. The remainder of the district is surrounded by sea. The District has 8 harbours and has a coastline of 1,756 kilometres, however, if all islands and rocky outcrops are taken into account, the coastline becomes 2,194 kilometres.

The District’s labour force totals 19,080 people employed by 7,369 businesses. People as well as communities throughout the district are diverse in heritage, culture and knowledge. This diversity gives the District’s people the opportunity to make lifestyle choices. The 2006 census estimates the usually-resident population of the Far North District as 55,845 living in 20,712 households; and at the time of the census 43.9% (24,500 persons) of the District’s population indicated that they belonged to the New Zealand Maori ethnic group. The national figure is 14.9%.

The Far North receives a large influx of holiday makers and tourists who it is estimated doubles the population (110,000 plus) in the district during the summer holiday months and in some coastal settlements the population more than triples. Major revenue earning industries for the Far North are agriculture (agriculture, horticulture & forestry), education and tourism (accommodation, attractions, cafes and restaurants).

It is the Far North District Council’s Mission is to:

• To provide effective leadership and responsive, affordable services.
• To value our diverse lifestyles and unique environment.
• To build trust within stronger and safer communities.
• To promote the economic, social, and cultural advancement of the Far North.

The Far North District Council currently comprises a Mayor and 9 Councilors who represent the 3 wards within the District. The Mayor is independently elected over the whole District, while Councilors are elected from three electoral areas (wards) being Northern, Western and Eastern.

The District Council is responsible for establishing policies and strategies determining the overall direction of Council. These policies and strategies are implemented by the Chief Executive and Council staff.

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