Kerikeri .CoSubmission Requirements

MediaMoguls Kerikeri has signed a contract with the Kerikeri District Business Association (KKDBA) to produce a modern and effective website to promote the unique features of Kerikeri, it’s businesses and all the other interesting stuff that happens here.
The site we have built is a full business package, including a Content Management System, employing Search Engine Optimisation, and powerful analytics code. ( To see what our visitors are looking at, looking for, and where they come from. )
Irwin Lawson of Enz of the Earth and MediaMoguls says :
For many years Kerikeri’s web presence has floundered. A cohesive presence was needed on the internet, and to put Kerikeri on the world map in my view, would have been an expensive $35-$40,000 exercise. I realized in todays economic climate this money would be hard to raise by one organization with limited funds. It was time to put my to put my hand up, and do the initial work for free. This website is an ongoing expanding opening to the world. At present, this website meets the minimum requirements of a modern towns web presence.”

I envisage, with commercial support, developing the site to include :

  1. The ability to book and pay for accommodation for all participants online. – from B & B’s to Motels.
  2. Secure email forms for each participant.
  3. Image slideshows and galleries.
  4. Video presentations (talented musicians, Evenementen, enz. )
  5. Interviews and stories of Kerikeri’s wonderful people and characters
  6. Extended coverage and images of the exciting things happening here, throughout the year.
  7. Extra pages including, Tuinieren, cooking, sport etc.

Requirements for content submission are:

  1. Your email submission must have your business name in the subject field.
  2. Images: at least 5 images:
  3. All images must be at least 960px wide, in .jpg or .png format and in landscape layout.
  4. The images must have a filename starting with kerikeri and following with name of your business. eg: kerikeri-mybiz-image1.jpg
  5. Logos can be included only one is required.
  6. Text: 200 words about your business.
  7. You must be a KKDBA member to post submissions.


This site and it’s domain name are owned by the people of Kerikeri.
We appreciate your feedback on Kerikeri’s Facebook and Twitter pages:
( links to both are in the footer/bottom of this site ).

However, administering and maintenance of this website takes time and money and it will in future be commercial.

A search for this new site using just the word “Kerikeri” may not list the site but “Kerikeri.Co” will.

New sites like ours, submitted to search engines, can sometimes take up to 6 – 8 weeks to register in general searches.

Tens of thousands of new sites are submitted each day. We need to be patient. It will happen.

Unsure ? – Call in and see Irwin at Enz of the Earth, 127 Kerikeri Rd, Telefoon 022- 4078367 OF 09-4078367.

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