The GalleryCafe

The Gallery is a sophisticated art shop and a cafe which sells fairtrade organic coffee supplied by Caffe L’Affare. The shop is a retail outlet that deals or sells fine arts, 工艺品, and gifts which are mostly New Zealand made and designs. The business has a gallery that exhibits paintings of different variation like Cecila Russell, Keith Michell, Sally Clough, Peter Arnold and displays local artists works of Donna Penney, Yvonne Linehan, Sidney Fitzsimmons, Shirley Morrish And Sara-Jane Suleski. At the back of the building are 5 beautiful luxury apartments which are available for mid to short term lets.


Marjorie Perkins | 342 凯里凯里路 | 电话: 09 4071116 - 保持你与最新的新闻和活动日期

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