Reading Solutions Ltd

Reading Solutions Ltd offers help to people of all ages who experience visual perception and reading problems such as….
“Irlen Syndrome” (also known as Scotopic Sensitivity) has been researched extensively during the past 30 years. It covers problems of visual perception, not eyesight, so doesn’t show up in regular optometry testing, nor in schools’ vision screening
It’s possible to have “perfect” vision and still have Irlen Syndrome! It’s also common to have a good academic record, but have to work much harder than others to achieve this. International and New Zealand research shows that almost half of students tested as having “learning difficulties” incl AD(H)D, may have symptoms of Irlen Syndrome, as will about 1 in 8 of the general population.

  1. Skipping words or lines,
  2. Slow and hesitant reading,
  3. Poor comprehension,
  4. Inability to sustain reading effort,
  5. Strain and fatigue, uneven writing,
  6. Copying errors, problems with “glare”
  7. Preference for dim light, light sensitivity,
  8. Print distortions, depth perception

Once treated, you can expect improvements in…

  1. Comfort and speed when reading (page or screen)
  2. Reading accuracy, comprehension, better school results
  3. Mood, satisfaction and self-esteem
  4. Concentration and attention
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